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Bookkeeping/Accounting and Taxation

Tutor: Lisa Reynolds

The following links support our 10 hour Bookkeeping/Accounting and Tax course at Rutherford College and Squidspace, Timaru. Enrolments are managed by the locations at (Rutherford College) and (SQUIDSPACE) Attendance certificate issued. Includes handouts.

Student Links:
Session 1
Watch the following video’s
Inland Revenue Department (IRD) video on the different Business structures and how each pays tax (https://youtu.be/V2hUkIg8JlA) or go to youtube channel Inland Revenue (IRD) New Zealand.
Video on the accruals basis (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH_fviv_qJs) or go to youtube channel scarlyle100.
Video on The Difference between a Profit & Loss Statement and a Balance Sheet (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzW0ImN3grU) or go to youtube channel Celemi Videos.

Session 2:
Watch the following video on Financial Statements (we do not cover the Cashflow statement) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5zKAtryZ-w or go to youtube channel scarlyle100.
The following video, by Leila Gharani, on Debits and Credits is long at almost 12 minutes, but provides an in-depth explanation for those of you who are interested in learning more https://youtu.be/ICDJrsg4abg

Session 3:
Watch the following video on recording an Inwards Cashbook – Youtube channel Dylan Kassian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5uWDX1ON_g
Watch the following IRD video on registering for GST – channel Inland Revenue (IRD) New Zealand https://youtu.be/dQod_CI5Shc

Session 4 (Taxation only):
Watch the following Inland Revenue Video on Income and provisional tax https://youtu.be/V6JroPAHuJA
Use the online calculator at https://www.ird.govt.nz/calculators/tool-name/tools-t/calculator-tax-rate.html to check the above tax calculations.
Test yourself on tax basics at https://www.business.govt.nz/tax-and-accounting/basic-tax-types/introduction-to-taxes-and-levies/
(please note that this test also includes employment questions, which have not been covered in this course)

Disclaimer: None of the above websites and video’s are maintained by Accounting Works and we cannot verify the accuracy of the information or any updates made to that information. They are provided in order to support the classroom learning only.

XERO - Online Accounting

Tutor: Lisa Reynolds
Introduction: 6 hours
Next Steps: 6 hours
Total: 12 hours

Find out why cloud accounting with Xero is becoming so popular. This course provides an extensive introductory overview of all areas of the Xero accounting software. You will need online access to an e-mail address to activate the Xero demo.

Student Links:
Understand the dashboard
Reconcile Bank accounts
Invoice Customers
Watch some of the many video’s available at Xero TV

XERO – The Next Steps

Tutor: Lisa Reynolds

To join this class students must have basic accounts/book-keeping knowledge and computer skills. Learn how to setup Xero and use more features. Customise your Chart of Accounts to suit individual business needs; generate customer quotes and use Xero Payroll. You will learn valuable tips on becoming more efficient in your accounts administration, reduce the paper trail and increase productivity. Attendance certificate can be issued. Includes handouts.


Tutor: Lisa Reynolds

To join this class students must have good accounting/book-keeping knowledge and computer skills. This course will help you take the stress out of payday. Learn how to create a new payroll file, add new employee records, keep track of sick days, holiday and annual leave calculations, then generate the reports you need. Get valuable tips on how to set up your payroll office. The payroll information can be integrated with other MYOB accounting solutions delivering up to the minute business management reports. This package will help you; save time when entering employees timesheets, produce payslips and finalise payments. Produce PAYE returns. Eliminate headaches - let this system work for you. Attendance certificate issued. Includes handouts.

See information on the hiring process https://www.business.govt.nz/assets/Uploads/Visualisations/Hiring-an-Employee.pdf
Kiwisaver - Obtain a copy of KS4 from the IRD www.ird.govt.nz/kiwisaver - www.kiwisaver.govt.nz/ - www.sorted.org.nz/
Employment New Zealand
Accident Compensation
Employment Relations, including contracts
Test yourself online https://www.business.govt.nz/hiring-and-managing/deciding-to-hire/becoming-an-employer/#e2665

An overview of hiring from outside New Zealand
IRD video on calculating ESCT (note the IR345 has been replaced with payday filing)
Payroll File upload method for businesses using payroll software
Employment New Zealand about paying holidays
To enrol or for more details contact the venue holding the course.

Phone: 021 129 2443
Ground Floor, 16 Beswick Street, Timaru

Rutherford College
Phone: 834 4099
Email: commed@rutherford.school.nz

16 Kotuku St, Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland
PO Box 45-327, Te Atatu, Auckland 0651